Agua Dulce: Simple Solutions.

Agua Dulce provides the most effective and affordable solution to alkaline conditions in the world

* Lower pH levels on demand
* Neutralize carbonates and bicarbonates in water and soil.
* Leach salts and sodium build up from the soil profile
* Increase quality and quantity of crop yields
* Improve availability and absorption of micronutrients by the roots
* Algae, fungus, insects, and pest control

World Golf, Turf, and Landscape:
Improve turf conditions with Agua Dulce. Lower pH, treat alkaline soil, improve water and root penetration, and treat algae.
Control pH levels, leach salts, inject liquid sulfur, improve nutrient uptake, reduce water runoff, and promote growth of acid loving plants.
Industrial applications:
Lower the cost of acid by replacing sulfuric acid with inexpensive sulfurous acid produced on-site.
Coal Bed Methane:
Treat CBM produced water prior to disposal or beneficial use by reducing bicarbonates.
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"I have been irrigating for over 40 years using water with an average pH of 7.6. Consistent irrigation caused bicarbonates and salts to build up in the soil. Our cotton fields turned a bluish-gray color and yields were declining. In 2004, after start-up ...
Hubert Frerich, Cotton Farmer
Garden City, Texas
Agua Dulce